March 5th, 2008


This has never happened to me before . . .

I received a very special e-mail this morning - through BookCrossing's private message service, of all things. This is something new (to me, anyway):

My name is miss Paloma. I come across your profile in this site and I personaly became interested I wish to be in
love relationship with you
and may be discover ourselves as real partners for life I will be very
glad if you can contact me thruogh my email adress blow so that i can send
you my pictures and tell you more about myself here is my adress
( is my address
If you feel interested write me through the contact.(Remeber distance ,
colour or age does not matter in love but love matters alot in life)
I will be happy to seeing a good responds from you
Thanks and remain blessed.
Yours in love,

I know that books can say a lot about a person, but she wants to be in a love relationship with me after only having browsed my BC shelf? And what is an "adress blow?" *snerk*

Have any of you other BCers received messages like this? Should I report this as abuse? It was mildly amusing to receive this one . . . but if this becomes a regular thing, I will not be a happy bunny. Four years on BC and I've never had spam before. I really don't want to get more. O_o