April 13th, 2008


Photos and Artwork and Memes, Oh My!

Had a quiet weekend here at home. Mostly worked on photos and artwork, although I've been reading quite a bit and I did a sewing project (a skirt for myself; no photo yet but I'm sure there will be one sooner or later; plus, more sewing projects in the works).

Project 365 is going well. I'm more than a week into the project now, and having no trouble. Of course, that's only 9 days out of 365 . . . but you've got to start somewhere, right? My photo for Day 7 (Friday) is posted privately for personal reasons (and no, it's not because I took a picture of myself naked. :D). But never fear . . . you get a bonus photo as an alternate. I received these in the mail yesterday, and literally squealed with delight! They're my Christmas pressie from my sister. She has a pair which I coveted (and wore a lot) when I was visiting her in December, and she's gone and made me a pair of my own! Aren't they adorable? I'm wearing them now, in fact, and have been wearing them almost constantly since they arrived. I even slept in them last night.

Christmas Pressie!!!!!

Thank you, robingrace!!!! *happy dancing and hugs for my wonderful sissy*

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