April 17th, 2008

Desert Sage, Photography

Day 13 - Self-portrait

Day 13 - Self-portrait, originally uploaded by Here Be Dragons.

I chose this from a number of self-portraits I took today. (I did try to get a few more shots of my tattoos, but nothing that was quite the way I wanted it; I'll keep trying).

For some reason, this shot reminds me of a sea captain's wife, looking out over the water waiting for her husband to return home. Except for the part where there's no ocean in the photo. :D I liked it, though.

ETA: Forget the sea captain. This is Catherine de Medici asking herself, "Hmm, was that one part aresenic to two parts nightshade, or the other way around?" (Courtesy of the brilliant mind of edda). :)

Michelangelo Delphica

Coral Reef

Coral Reef, originally uploaded by Here Be Dragons.

After my watercolor class on Tuesday, I decided to experiment a bit with some of the techniques we used in class. I really liked the effect that can be achieved by sprinkling table salt on the paper while the paint is still wet. Some of the things I did in class reminded me of corals, so I thought I'd try and do something with that. It took a few tries before I got the effect I wanted (my first try, I used way too much salt - or maybe the paper was too wet - and it sucked away almost all the color from the page; the second try, everything was just too pale). I like the way the colors turned out in this one. Then, I painted in some silhouette fish. I might go back and add more fish at some point. I pretty much managed to get the look I was hoping to get, so I'm calling this experiment a success.

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