April 25th, 2008

Desert Sage, Photography

Project 365, Day 19: Wakame Salad (Again)

Yet another iteration (the fourth!) of my attempts to replicate the seaweed salad I love so much from my favorite Japanese restaurant. This version was pretty good, but I'm still going to play with the recipe. It seemed a good excuse for practicing food photography, too. This shot is . . . okay. Need more practice, though. (Although probably I'll quit with the wakame pictures, and start finding other food to photograph). :D

Desert Sage, Photography

Day 21: Electricity!

Day 21: Electricity!, originally uploaded by Here Be Dragons.

Shot for both Project 365, and for today's Photo Friday challenge, which is "Electricity." I really wanted to build a small Tesla coil, so I could do some Kirlian photography, but that was a bigger DIY project than I felt like tackling today. I might do it one day soon, though. The results can be gorgeous. For today, though, we decided to play with static electricity. This definitely fulfills the challenge! :)