May 5th, 2008

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Vote for Saturday's 365!

I took a bunch of pictures at the Maker Faire on Saturday, and there was so much cool stuff there, now I can't decide which photo to choose for my official Project 365 photo. So, I decided to let all of YOU choose!

The photo which receives the most votes will be named Project 365, Day 29. (I'm doing ticky boxes so you can vote for more than one, if you really can't decide, either). :)

The nominees are:

This cool glowing Buddha, whose colors changed when people touched his hand:

Glow Buddha

Spokelights (so pretty!):

Lights on the spokes of a bicycle wheel.

Ms. Qwerty; I don't know if she actually does anything, but she sure is cute:

Ms. Qwerty!

Sand Art; we never did figure out how the magnet underneath was programmed to make this gorgeous design:

Sand Art

And finally, Connor and a computer thingy (yeah, I like to get really specific with the technical details, as you can see):

Connor and . . . some nifty computer thing

Poll #1182870 Project 365, Maker Faire Edition

Which of these photos should be my official Project 365, Day 29?

Glowing Buddha
Ms. Qwerty
Sand Art
Connor and the Computer Thingy
I thought you went with Joy and Amy. Where are the pictures of MOOKELEH?????

So, vote, vote, vote! In a day or two I'll announce which photo was the winner. :)
Jack Skellington - What's This?

Iron Man?

Okay, folks. All the buzz about "Iron Man" has gotten me curious enough to want to see it (even though I know nothing at all about the comic, except that I heard Iron Man himself is pretty boring, as cartoon dudes go). Here's my question to those of you who have seen it already:

Connor-friendly: yes, or no? He's seen all the Spiderman and X-Men films, Doctor Who, Hell Boy . . . it's not more graphically violent or freakier than any of that stuff, is it?
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