May 20th, 2008

Desert Sage, Photography

Project 365, Day 45 - Flounce

Day 45 - Flounce, originally uploaded by Here Be Dragons.

Yesterday's photo is of a skirt I made a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, the way I set up the camera, you can't actually see most of the skirt, but I was feeling in a less-than-photographic mood, so I stopped after taking just three photos. (I need to be in the right mood to take a bunch of shots using the auto-timer). So, this photo is pretty darned boring, but since I only took three photos yesterday, I had to use one of them, and this was the best of the bunch. :D

Birding, Shrike

Project 365, Day 46: Right of Way

Day 46: Right of Way, originally uploaded by Here Be Dragons.

Taken this morning, in my backyard. I think this shot probably needs to be LOL'd, but I can't quite think of the right caption. The squirrel looks rather carnivorous, ready to pounce on the hapless quail. In reality, there was no pouncing; the squirrel* was just passing through, and the quail got in the way. A couple of seconds after this photo was taken, the quail flew down into my yard, giving the squirrel the right of way across my back fence.

Here's another shot (taken before the previous one) - they look like they're playing "follow the leader" here:

Follow me!

Or, maybe the squirrel does look like he's stalking the quail. Just a bit. With my luck, the squirrels in the neighborhood really have turned carnivorous! :D

And here's a shot of just the quail, before the squirrel came along and disrupted my photo shoot:

California Quail

Oh! And how funny . . . as I'm writing this, I've just looked out the window to see that there's a quail (the same one maybe?) up on my back fence again. I think the male sits up there to act as a sentry while the female and their chicks are foraging on the grass behind my yard.

*A "squirrel" squirrel, btw; not one of the ground squirrels whose photo I posted a few days ago. These guys don't usually come back here, so it was especially interesting to me to have one run through the yard.