May 30th, 2008

Desert Sage, Photography

Project 365, Day 56 - Earth and Sky

Day 56 - Earth and Sky, originally uploaded by Here Be Dragons.

Taken for today's Photo Friday challenge: "Minimalism."

In approaching this challenge, I decided to go with the idea that minimalism is a stripping away of all but the bare essentials. When I was out in my yard, looking for a way to express this idea, it occurred to me that the bare essentials of nature are earth and sky, so I took a photo with both those elements, and nothing more.



Yes! It's true. I knit something today. In fact, I knit an entire scarf!

*waits patiently for "OOHS!" and "AHHS!" and sounds of applause to fade*

*looks around shiftily*

Okay, so it's a "scarf" that fits one of Connor's plush toys, and a small plush toy at that, but whatever. It makes me feel better to call it a "scarf" than "ugly strip in the approximate size and shape of a bookmark," so there you have it. ;) It is real knitting, though.

I know you're just dying to read more about my knitting adventures, so here they are:

Collapse )

ETA: I just read another chapter, and now I can PURL, too! I'm feeling so clever right now. (I'm sure that will evaporate the first time I try to actually *make* something, and it comes out all lumpy and the wrong size. But for now, I'm pleased with my progress. :D

Also, as a special non-365 bonus, here's a photo of a male California quail who was hanging around the yard today. A couple of days ago, Connor and I put out some food for the quail, in the hopes that they'd come around more often. It seems to have worked; while this male bird was standing watch, the female was under our rosemary bush, foraging for millet and cracked corn.

California Quail
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