June 12th, 2008


Project 365, Day 69 - School Spirit

Day 69 - School Spirit, originally uploaded by Here Be Dragons.

I'm going to work backwards to get caught up with my Project 365 entries, so this is my most recent photo, taken this morning. I'm feeling pretty happy about the fact that I managed to take photos every day even when I was sick. Some of them aren't great (to say the least), but that's not exactly the point of the project, so YAY. :)

Today is Connor's last day of third grade! As an end-of-year gift for his teacher, I bought this cute little tiger (the school's mascot is a tiger), and crocheted this hat and scarf in the school colors. I thought it turned out super cute, and hopefully it's a gift that she'll enjoy - something to add a little bit more school spirit to her classroom. (Not that she doesn't already have plenty of school spirit, but I thought it was a cute idea, and also something I could work up in one day, since I ran out of time because of being ill).


Crochet Hook Case

Crochet Hook Case, originally uploaded by Here Be Dragons.

Not a Project 365 entry; just a craft project I finished today and wanted to show off. :)

I made this case for my crochet hooks by following this great tutorial. The fabric with the hearts is from my stash; I've had it for years, and think it is SO cute, but haven't really known what to do with it (I'm not exactly going to make a dress for myself with tiny hearts). So, this was a perfect project to use up a bit of it. I'm not thrilled with my choice of bias tape for the "ribbon," so I might change that out at some point, but otherwise I think it turned out great. Plus, it's something very handy that I will use regularly.

Here's how it looks when rolled up (except, like a dork, I forgot to fold over the top for the photo; normally, one edge would be folded over to keep the hooks from sliding out the top).

Crochet Hook Case

Next, I'm going to make some adjustments to the pattern to make one for holding my knitting needles. YAY for things that are pretty and functional.