July 1st, 2008

Desert Sage, Photography

Project 365 - Backyard Visitors

Since I am waaaaay behind on posting 365 photos, I'm going to take a few shortcuts, and post some of them together. Days 79, 80 and 81 all go together anyway - photos of recent visitors to our yard. I started putting out millet and cracked corn for the quail, and they seem to appreciate it, judging by how often they've been in the yard lately. Oh, and I think the ground squirrels aren't just visiting anymore - I'm pretty sure they've dug a burrow under one of my lavender plants. They keep scolding me every time I go out into the yard. :D

Day 79: Baby Quail

Day 79: Baby Quail

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Day 80: Ground Squirrels

This is the first time I was able to get a shot of two of them together:

Day 80 - Ground Squirrels

Day 81: All in a Row

Awwww! Look at them - a whole family of chicks, hanging out on the fence:

Day 81 - All in a Row

I love these birds. :)

Project 365: A couple of crochet projects

Day 82: Crocheted Handbag

I made this for happy_potterer, as a birthday gift. I didn't have a pattern; I just started crocheting, and I thought it turned out pretty cute. I love the colors; I used a self-striping soy wool (Paton SMS, I think it's called). I'd use that yarn again, for sure.

Day 82: Crocheted Handbag

Day 83: Pensive Cthulhu

This amigurumi Cthulhu was crocheted for edda (for her honorable mention in my recent contest). Here, he sits in the yard, overlooking the area of California he managed to ravage before being sent off to the eastern U.S. to drive still more people insane with his cuteness. I adore the way this guy turned out, and am currently crocheting one for myself. *loves*

Day 83: Pensive Cthulhu