December 17th, 2008


Avatar Movie Casting - Let's Take Action

H/T Hoyden About Town:

I know that several of you have seen the Nickelodeon show "Avatar: The Last Airbender." For those who haven't, it's a really charming and well-done cartoon/anime series based on Asian and Inuit legends. I was initially happy to hear that it's being made into a live-action film, until I learned that they've cast the main characters - all with white actors. Why oh WHY does Hollywood keep feeling the need to erase people of color from films? This is such incredible bullshit, and I won't pay money to see the stupid film if they screw it all up like this.

There is a movement to protest these casting choices - hopefully they're not yet set in stone. An article on LJ has a lot of details, and a boilerplate for a letter to the producers. I intend to write and protest this, and I urge anyone else who loves this show - or who would like to see the Asian characters and settings NOT be stripped away just because this is "Hollywood" - to do the same.