December 28th, 2010


It's the circle of life - Day 10 - 30 Days of Me

Day 10 - Whatever Tickles My Fancy

It's another day where I get to pick what to write about, so I'm going to write about my very favorite "things." It's more of a category, I suppose, rather than something specific, but what I love most in the world are animals.

I have loved animals as long as I can remember, and in a way it seems odd to come out and say that, because for me, there was never a time when I wasn't fascinated with animals and I think for large parts of my life, I just assumed that everyone else felt the same way. I mean they're just so COOL, why on earth wouldn't people love them? Sadly, not everyone does. (I say "sadly" because I think a lack of love and respect for other animals on the part of humans is a major contributing factor to the overconsumption of resources that is happening now on our planet). Really, though, what's not to love? There's an animal to tickle just about anyone's fancy - whether you like things that are furry and cuddly, or scaly, or feathery, fast or slow, majestic or humble, maybe a little bit (or a lot) scary. Or just plain cute. Animals are the reason I am majoring in biology - because I want to help conserve them and their habitats, and becoming a scientist seemed the best way for me to do that. Collapse )

July, 2010 - Day 11 - 30 Days of Me

Day 11 - A Photo of Me Taken Recently

I had to choose between a few different ones: a photo of me on our recent Alaskan cruise, a photo of me fossil hunting in the desert, or playing guitar at our campsite. In the end, I chose this one because turtles are COOL! If you're wondering about the black thing on the turtle's back, it's a radio transmitter. This gravid female had been captured the night before and given an ID number, weighed and measured, and fitted with a transmitter. Then, she spent the night in my car. This photo was taken right before she was released back into the lake the next morning. Then, over the next few days, her radio frequency was monitored each evening in the hopes of finding her out of the water and laying her eggs.

July, 2010: