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Hello, Cthulhu!

Okay, so I really AM a big geek. Or something. Look what I just bought . . .

Isn't he CUTE?????

And, best of all, I can TOTALLY legitimize this purchase under the guise of "research" . . . you see, the chorus has been planning to design new t-shirts, and we'd thought about using Cafe Press, but the quality of their heat transfer is crap - at least it was on the shirt I bought from them. BUT, I noticed that this shirt is "Direct" printed, so I bought it to see just what I think of the quality. Maybe Cafe Press will work for the chorus, after all. So, see! It's *research*!!!!

Or maybe I just thought Hello, Cthulhu was helluv cute. ;)

Next, I want this guy. The big one. :D
Tags: chorus, cthulhu, silliness

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