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The Jason Isaacs "Story"

Gail wanted to visit the Hare Krishna Temple in Los Angeles, and I was happy to discover that it's in (or near) Culver City where my grandmother lives; it's an area I know and feel comfortable visiting (I was a bit nervous that it would turn out to be in some scary part of L.A. that I wouldn't want to drive through, but it turned out I had nothing to worry about on that score). Originally, we'd planned to go to Venice Beach on Friday, and visit the temple on Saturday, with a visit with my grandmother either before or after, and then head to my sister's house in Anaheim Hills. Well, we ended up changing our plans a bit, and I'm SO glad we did . . .

Some friends were planning to meet us at Venice Beach, but they couldn't come until the afternoon. So Gail suggested that we go to the temple Friday morning. This sounded good to me, so we got ourselves up and dressed and headed for Culver City. Before we left, first thing in the morning (before 9 a.m.), I tried phoning my grandmother, to try and plan a time to get together with her. But she wasn't home. (85 years old, and she has a social life that doesn't stop ::grin::). So, we headed out for the day. On the way, we drove through my old stomping grounds - past the house where I grew up, and my elementary and high schools - plus by a few other childhood landmarks, since they were all on the way to where we were going. Had no trouble finding the place, and when we got there, Gail visited the temple itself, while Connor and I waited outside (he was a bit too boisterous to stay in the temple - I didn't want him to disturb anyone who was worshipping). Afterwards, we had lunch at the buffet, and then went upstairs to the shop, about which Gail had heard lots of good things.

The shop was fabby - clothes, mostly. And while we were shopping, we had a bit of unexpected excitement . . .

We were wandering around in the store, when a very cute little girl (small - I'd guess about two years old) ran up to Connor. I crouched down near the two of them and said, "Oh look, Connor - I think this little girl wants to play. Why don't you say 'hi?' " Connor looked over at her, and she scampered back to her father. He picked her up, and I stood up, and looked at him . . . Hmnh. Why does he look familiar? I looked away, and then looked back . . . I KNOW I recognize that face from somewhere . . .




It hit me. I was standing about three feet away from Jason Isaacs.


Okay, okay . . . my mind is racing now, and I realise that I have to say something. Just in case it's not really him - I just wanted to know for sure. (I once saw a woman who I'm almost positive was JKR, but I didn't ask, so now I'll never know, and I didn't want that to happen again).

So, I said to him, "Excuse me, I hate to do this . . . but . . . are you Jason Isaacs?"

He gave me a strange look - narrowed his eyes at me, and leaned back a bit, and for a moment, I thought he was going to say he wasn't named Isaacs and had no idea who I was talking about. But then he said, slowly, "Yes . . . do I owe you money?"

LOL! I laughed, and said no, of course he didn't owe me money, but he could say he did if he wanted to (or something stupid along those lines. ::kicks self for being flustered::). Well, I didn't want to bother him, or impose on his time, etc., so I just said, "I'm sorry for bothering you - I'm sure you get this all the time. But I just wanted to say that you were really great as Lucius Malfoy. And I'll stop being annoying now."

He was really gracious, and thanked me and said that it was fine. ::relief:: Then Connor came up to me carrying a shirt that he liked, so I bent down to help him try it on. While he was "modeling" it for me, Mr. Isaacs (I can't bring myself to call him "Jason" - sounds too familiar) started talking to Connor. Well, actually, he was encouraging his daughter to talk to him . . . he said, "Look, Lily . . . doesn't that shirt look good on Connor?" And she said yes, and he asked her to tell Connor . . . so she says in a sweet little voice, "The shirt looks very nice on you Connor." Connor wasn't actually paying attention, so I had him go over so Lily could tell him again and he could actually respond with a proper "Thank you."

OH - it was SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!


I'm telling you, as fabby as it was just to get the chance to meet him, even briefly, the very best thing was watching him and his daughter talk to Connor. What a lovely, lovely man. He was playing with my kid! It was just so sweet, and friendly . . . and I got the feeling that he must not have been annoyed by my approaching him like I did, or he wouldn't have taken the time to chat with Connor the way he did.

AH!!!!!!! I MET JASON ISAACS!!!!!!!!!!!

Ooops. How did that little squee slip out? Because actually, I managed to remain cool until we left the store. After Connor was done trying on the shirt, and he and I went along on our way, I went over to Gail and, being very cool and quiet about it, whispered to her that the guy in the baseball cap was Jason Isaacs. At first she looked like she didn't believe me, but when I assured her it *was* him, her hand went for the camera bag - she'd been carrying my camera to take pictures of the temple.

Immediately, I said "NO! No . . . you can't take pictures of him!"

This has turned out to be a somewhat controversial move on my part. At the time, it was just my initial, instinctual reaction. No! The guy is here shopping with his daughter and his wife (and with what I assume were other family members, as well - probably Lily's grandparents on one side or the other). I just felt like it would be incredibly rude to get in his face in the store (at a place of worship, no less) and ask for a photo. Especially when he was wandering around with his daughter in his arms.

Now that I've had some time to think about it, I still feel good about my decision. Even though more than a few people have said something along the lines of, "You should have just taken the picture - there's nothing he could have done to stop you, and it's not like you're ever going to see him again." Somehow, that seems sort of crass. I wouldn't want to be treated that way myself, anyway. And, maybe this is sort of stupid, but I would really rather that if he ever happens to remember meeting me that it be a nice memory - "oh yeah, I remember that woman and her cute son," rather than, "oh yeah - there was this pushy fangirl who stuck a camera in my face when I was shopping with my family." Although when I said that to Gail, she reminded me that *she'd* have been the pushy fangirl . . . but I sort of felt responsible, since it was my camera, and I was the one who'd recognized him. ::grin:: Of course, it's possible that if we'd asked nicely for a photo, he'd have been happy to oblige . . . but I'm just uncomfortable "forcing" myself on someone like that, even if he is a celebrity.

Oh - and for those of you who want a few more details . . . let's see. He was dressed like a regular guy - shorts and a shirt, with a dark blue baseball cap. No pimp cane (darn it ::grin::). And he is one hell of a good-looking man. Oh yes. I could have spun some marvelous fantasies about him, if it weren't for that pesky "happily married" thing that he seems to have going on. ::grin:: I didn't notice his eyes specifically, though, Azriona. But he is very attractive. Not as tall as I'd have thought, though - he's really not that much taller than I am. I'd guess he's about 5 foot 10 or so. Oh yeah, and his voice. Very Nice Voice. And he has a nice smile. And he definitely seems like a fantastic dad, and a person who genuinely likes children.


The other thing that I almost don't want to mention, because it seems really silly, but I am glad that I'd . . . erm . . . taken some time with my appearance that morning. Hee - no, he didn't throw himself at my feet because of my great beauty ::snerk:: but I *was* looking close to my best (if I do say so myself), and wearing a particularly flattering shirt (cleavage was on display in a shirt that wouldn't normally be worn to a house of worship, but since we hadn't originally planned on visiting the temple that day, it's what I happened to be wearing). And somehow, it seems to me that if you're going to meet someone famous who you happen to fancy a bit, it's nice to look your best. ::grin:: This way I can pretend that if he *wasn't* happily married, he just *might* have declared his unending love for me. Or something.

Yeah. Shutting up now. ::grin::

Anyhow, we wandered around the store for another fifteen minutes or so; Gail was still shopping; I was actually feeling a bit wobbly and ready to leave as soon as I'd payed for my purchases (three sarong/skirts, and I bought the shirt that Lily had admired for Connor as well). I didn't want *him* to think we were stalking him or anything (I doubt that he did think this, because, erm, we weren't stalking him). But it was still several minutes before we actually left His Presence. ::grin:: Finally, though, we left the store, got in the car, and I pulled out my cell phone to try and call my grandmother again. Then I thought "ACK!" What if he looks out the window and sees me on the phone and thinks I'm calling all my friends to tell them he's here shopping! (Yes, paranoia strikes). So, I drove off and tried phoning my grandmother while turning the car around in the street. (And yes, I hate people who drive while talking on their phones. Even when I'm the one doing it). Well, no luck getting her on the phone, so we decided to do a bit of stalking and see if she could be located at the Senior Center near her house, where she spends a lot of time.

After we'd driven off, it hit me and I could no longer contain myself (and there was no reason to even try) . . . I started bouncing up and down (there may have been a squee or two) and singing, "We met Jason Isaacs, We met Jason Isaacs," (to the Conga line tune) . . . Gail joined in, and of course, Connor picked up on it, too, so at intervals over the next several days, he would frequently start up,"We met Jason Isaacs" chants. Good fun.

But HEE! I really really did meet Jason Isaacs!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My only regret is that I wish I'd been either a) a bit cooler under pressure or b) had a minute or two to prepare myself, because I could/would have attempted a bit more of a conversation with him - maybe asked if he'd started filming GoF yet, or something. Ah well. There's always next time, right? ::grin:: And it's not much of a regret, really. I'm just dead chuffed to have spoken with him at all. And he was SO SWEET to Connor! :-)

I <3 Jason Isaacs. :-)
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