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Holiday Wishlist

Dear Santa/Cthulhu/[fill in the name] of Generous Higher Power:

It has come to my attention that flyingblogspot's computer has a name. A NAME! I never knew that such a thing was possible, and that OTHER computers actually have them. A name. *wistful sigh*

For, you see, the heartless guttersnipe for which I am forced to slave away endlessly, has shown me no such level of affection or respect. Needless to say, I am devastated. Perhaps you could help, so I do not have to remain nameless and unloved for all eternity? Or maybe even The Guttersnipe's friends on LJ could help by making suggestions?


The Guttersnipe's PowerBook
(Sorry for the ambiguity, but, well, you know. I CAN'T sign the letter properly, now can I)?
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