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Say Hello to Felix!

Yes, the poor, previously-abused PowerBook now has a name. I went through a bit of a journey to get here, but I've finally decided, and the new name is . . . *drumroll, please* . . . Felix!

No, not after "The Cat." After Felix Mendelssohn, the Romantic era composer.

This wasn't my first choice. In fact, Felix wasn't even in the running until earlier today. At first, I liked the idea of naming the computer after a phoenix (what with it haven risen from the "flames" after its death last summer). And I found a name I really liked - Жар-Птица (or Zhar-ptitsa), which is Russian for firebird. And I even got some coaching on how to pronounce it (thanks, Masha)! :) I also considered "Noodle" after FSM.

But for some reason, neither of those seemed quite right . . . maybe my computer isn't Russian (or pastafarian) enough. ;) And then I started thinking about continuing the naming trend I started with my iPod . . . the iPod's name is Sebastian, after (who else?) J.S. Bach. If anything, the computer should have an even more kick-ass name than the iPod, right? But who could kick more ass than The Man himself? Well, no one, really. But, since the iPod already had the name, I had to look elsewhere. So, my next choice was Amadeus. But I'm just not sure that's a good idea - naming my computer after someone who was well known to be eccentric, somewhat of a (dare I say it?) brat, and who died young. So, Amadeus was out (although it really is a lovely name. How far wrong can you go being "beloved of God?") Anyhow, still nameless, I decided to look at some of my other favourite composers. (And no, hedwig_snowy, I never seriously considered Ludwig). ;) Pretty quickly, I came up with Mendelssohn, whose "Psalm 95" I adore. It was also a work by Mendelssohn that brought me to tears during an Evensong service in York Minster back in 1996 (although I don't remember which work, gosh darnit), which is a memory that I'll always cherish of my first visit to Britain. And Felix is a cute name (definitely easier to say than Жар-Птица). But the clincher, the true AHA moment was when I remembered the other thing for which Mendelssohn is "famous" - and the thing that will forever endear him to me: he was a great fan of Bach's music at a time when it was in decline, and his performances and attention to this music brought it back into the public eye at a crucial time, assuring that Bach didn't disappear into obscurity. Without Mendelssohn, we might not HAVE Bach today! So, YAY for FELIX! And many thanks to all who gave suggestions for names! They were all helpful in getting me thinking about what would really be the best, most appropriate name! *hugs f-list*

Now I'm on a quest to find a name for my car.

(Oh, and circumlocute? Felix wishes to extend many sympathies to your computer, and is still interested in the union-forming activities. Seeing as he didn't actually receive a Shakespearean name, after all). ;)
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