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A Small Mystery Solved

We have a Barn Owl! No, not as a pet, but there's one hanging out in my neighborhood. I've been hearing something calling at night for the past few weeks - a call I didn't recognize (so I knew it wasn't one of the Great Horned Owls which are what I usually see/hear around here). Today I finally remembered to listen to my CD of bird calls, to see if I could identify the call, and I did, and it's a Barn Owl. YAY! Now maybe I'll be inspired to go out one evening and try and have a look. I've seen wild Barn Owls before, but still, I'm always happy to see them, and I'd love to spot this one. It's usually making noise pretty late, though (well after midnight, and sometimes very early in the morning, just before dawn). Not that the late hour would be much of a deterrent if I'm awake anyway. In any case, I'm doing a little happy dance for having a "new" owl in the neighborhood. Whoo HOO! (Except, well, this owl doesn't say "hoo;" it screeches). ;)
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