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The Man Sure Knows How to Stage a Coup . . .


And here I was, thinking the holidays were over. But no. Most definitely NOT over yet!

Today, I opened up my front door to find a package waiting for me. A LARGE package. I tried to think if I was expecting anything, and I couldn't think of a thing. Well, some Italian charms I'd bought from eBay, but they wouldn't be coming in a box that size. Hmnh . . . maybe it's for K, I thought. Nope. Addressed to me. And, stranger and stranger, it's from Great Britain! Now, I KNOW that I didn't order anything from the U.K. So, I looked at the return address. Thornton's Direct. Huh? What's tha- . . . OH! Could it be? THE Thornton's? As in, the maker of my most favouritest chocolate in the WHOLE WORLD?????

Yes, it could.

I opened the box to find two GORGEOUS boxes of chocolates, including Viennese truffles (OMG MY ALL-TIME FAVOURITE THEY ARE SO GOOD)!!!.

*falls on floor in shock, surprise, vast gratitude and amusement*

O.M.G.! I started laughing, and jumping around, and laughing some more, and smiling, and jumping up and down - yeah, I was excited all right. Someone sent me THORNTON'S CHOCOLATES! From Great Britain! But who? Who could have done such a fabulous thing? I searched and searched for a card, and finally saw the label, on the inside of the box . . .

Thank you SO MUCH hedwig_snowy. You and L (and baby D) ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as I read your names, I remembered that you said there was something coming the mail for me . . . but I never expected THIS! Seriously, this is AWESOME! One of the sweetest things ever! (Literally and figuratively). You were paying attention a few weeks ago when I mentioned Thornton's, weren't you? :D :D :D (And all I sent you guys was some dorky stuff I made out of FIMO. I sure hope you liked that coat hanger thingy!!!!). ;)

And, much as it pains me to say, in all my evil glory, but YOU WIN. Your devious and devilish plan has succeeded - I am helpless now, under the thrall of all this lovely chocolate and the theobromine, phenylethylamine, and seratonin that are now coursing through my system. You have, indeed, created the perfect opportunity to stage the coup you've been planning for years. :D You've been a very naughty minion (but a very lovely friend). :)

Seriously, M, thank you so much for this wonderful gift! You really made my day, week, month . . . aw, heck. You made my whole YEAR! Or at least as long as it takes me to eat my way through all this stuff. ;)

*big hugs and happy dancing*

(And if you find this entry embarrassing in any way, let me know and I'll lock it. But I couldn't keep from doing a big ole' HAPPY DANCE about my chocolates!
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