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Fimo Gallery!

Here's something I KNOW you've all been waiting for (especially those of you who voted "for" fimo in my recent poll. You know who you are :D). I've put up an online gallery of some of the work that I've done in polymer clay! I plan to update it even so often (yeah, kinda like my birding site. *snerk* That IS going to get updated . . . erm . . . someday). If you'd like to have a look, you'll find my gallery here.

Oh - and kvratties, if you happen to get online and see this, please DON'T visit the gallery until you get the package from us in the mail. If you go look at the pictures, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to figure out which ones are for your family, and I don't want to spoil the surprise. :)

For those of you who don't feel like browsing a whole website (albeit a small one), I've put a few of my favorite things here,

Here's the thank-you gift I made for the guest director of my chorus, for giving me the opportunity to sing a solo in the Galindo piece. She told me that now her daughter is interested in finding out just how that stuff was done - I'm going to send her some links:

Here's one of the things I made as a Christmas gift. The design is based on a Celtic knot found at a monastery in Glendalogh, Ireland (a monestary I visited in 1996):

This is a first attempt in two ways . . . my first faux gemstone, and also my first time carving clay that had already been baked. I shaped a scarab for Connor out of clay, but didn't like the way it turned out, so I thought I'd try baking a minimally-shaped piece first, and then carving in the design. I LOVE the way this turned out, although I'm not satisfied with the faux lapis lazuli - I think I need to make the blue darker next time:

More dragons! These I made because of a cane that turned out looking a lot like scales, and I liked the dad so much that, at chickadilly's suggestion, I made a baby, too:

And finally, my most recent experiment - a successful one, IMO. It's a finger labyrinth - the raised coil design can be traced with a finger, an alternative to walking a full-sized labyrinth (for rainy days and times when you're stuck behind your desk). I intended it to be suitable to wear as a pendant, but I'm afraid it's a bit too big for that. I'm also going to experiment with making larger, table-sized finger labyrinths.

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