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Dear Photoshop Elements v2:

Dear Photoshop Elements v2,

WhereTF are my effects? I have filters. I have bevels. But I have no effects. I don't understand this. I used to have effects, but somehow, when I reinstalled you on this machine after the events-that-must-not-be-named last year, the effects have vanished. This is very bad. I am trying to make icons for friends, and I need those effects. Oh, and there's that annoying thing you do with trying to get updates from the Internet, but never managing to finish the downloads, and then the program just locks up, gone, buh bye!

You have forced me to do something I REALLY didn't want to do . . . I am loading (as I type this!) Elements v3. Which I dislike, because it's slow and the program icon annoys me. (Your sunflower is so much prettier). But alas, sunflower or not, it seems I must take this drastic step, which I have avoided for a good long while now. I am dreadfully disappointed in you.

No love,
Wendy (and Felix)
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