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Top Fives (Part One)

Here are the first set of answers to the "Top 5s" questions you've been giving me (five of them, in fact). :D It's not too late to give me a topic - just leave a comment here or in that original entry. There will be at least one other entry as well - there are so many, I don't want to cram them all into one post. :)

I've gotten loads of GREAT questions! This is FUN! :)

From badonkatonks: Five Things a Female Dragon Would Say to Charlie Weasley:

5. What part of NO don't you understand? You may NOT borrow those for the Tri-Wizard Tournament!
4. Ooh, that's good . . . no, higher . . . lower . . . a little to the left . . . AHHH. Yeah. Right there, behind my ears. That scale always gets itchy.
3. Are you going to eat the rest of those pork chops?
2. Your brother's boots DISGUST me.

And last, but not least (because you KNOW you wanted this)

1. *Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh* Mmnh, Charlie . . . that was good. *stretches* Pass me a cigarette, will you? *bwahahahahaha*

From synergy: Five Eastern European cities in a new country name in the last 20 years

5. Bratislava, Slovak Republic
4. Belgrade, Serbia
3. Skopje, Macedonia
2. Zagreb, Croatia
1. Prague, Czech Republic! HAH! ;) (I knew this one without even Googling)!

From gail_b: Five Differences Between the United States and England Great Britain

5. A generalization, but in my experience Brits are less likely to ask nosy, in your face questions about religion. Less fundamentalism.
4. Smaller cars in Britain (necessary because of narrower streets)
3. Roundabouts! (YAY! I adore roundabouts. So much more efficient for flow of traffic)
2. British drivers are more courteous than those in the U.S. (at least in the places I've driven)
1. Cool historic things are much older in Britain, sometimes by a factor of 10. (1,000-year-old churches, compared to 100-year-old ones in the U.S, for example)

From angelamermaid: Top 5 favourite myths. You can include urban legends.

5. Mad killer in backseat of car; female driver saved by quick-thinking gas-station attendant
4. Loch Ness Monster
3. That Fox News is "fair and balanced"
2. Orpheus and Eurydice (only I like Gluck's operatic version best, where she makes it back alive from the underworld)
1. Dragons! (Of course, I don't think they're really mythological) ;)

From brain_o_shaner: How about Top 5 Muppets. (LOVE MUPPETS)! :)

5. Big Bird
4. Grover
3. Elmo (love him, even though I don't like his segments at the end of "Sesame Street")
2. Snuffleupagus
1. Kermit the Frog, of course, particularly as Captain Smollett! :)

brain_o_shaner also gave me "Top 5 most annoying sports cliches that players give during interviews." Since I don't watch many (any?) player interviews, I'm going to skip this one, but there are some great answers in comments to that original entry, so check 'em out!
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