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More Top Fives!

Here's the next set of answers to your "Top 5" questions. More good ones here . . . :) Also, still not too late to submit your own topic!

From joyliveshere: 5 New Year's Resolutions Joyliveshere should have made

5. Take up a nice, soothing hobby (like underwater basket weaving) to mitigate curmudgeonly tendencies. ;) (Mitigate is my word of the day. Taught it to C this morning).
4. Spend more money buying gifts and sweets for her friends. (Bwahahahahaha)
3. Plan at least one lovely holiday this year to take with Amy - somewhere wonderful neither of you have been before. (Just make sure all passports and such are in order). ;)
2. Come up with a genuine, sustainable plan to thwart Chewie in his evil!
1. Come hot tubbing in the East Bay more often! ;)

From sageofgodalming: 5 lamest self-descriptions in userinfo, dating sites, etc.


5. "I like women that are typically caretakers and make a nice home." (This, btw, is from a real profile - looking for a mother, much)?
4. Looking for that "special someone" or "soulmate." *yawn* Of course, else why would you be here? And if that's not why you're here, then you just want sex and think this is a good line. Either way, lame.
3. Including a "HotorNot" rating in your profile instead of a picture. ;) Bwah! :D
2. "Seeking a diamond in the rough." (Oh yeah, THAT'S how I want to think of myself)! O_o
1. "I enjoy romantic dinners and long walks on the beach at sunset." (Like, is there anyone who DOESN'T, and it seems as though at *least* half of all profiles say this. Find something original, kay)?

From megamagicflame: Top five results of a T-Rex wandering onto Hogwarts grounds.

LOL! This is great!

5. The end of Greenhouse #3 (no more mandrakes)!
4. They no longer need the enchantment to see the sky through the top of the Great Hall.
3. Draco needs to write home and have Narcissa send him some new underwear.
2. When Dr. Grant shows up to help, Hermione confronts him about inconsistencies in his most recent book. ("CLEARLY, the T-Rex has only TWO digits on each forelimb.")
1. Additional structural damage caused by Hagrid's multiple orgasms. :D

From cathepsut: Top 5 most disapointing books of last year and why?

Hmnh. I didn't read enough books last year to answer this exactly as written, so I'm going to cheat a bit and make it books I read in the past two years:

5. "A Thousand Days in Venice" - Marlena di Blasi. I expected to be charmed by this memoir, as I adore Italy. But I didn't really like the narrator, and the love story was a bit dull. Ah well. Maybe I should just go back to Italy and have a love affair of my own there. That would surely be more interesting. ;)
4. "The Other Woman" - Jane Green. Boring. Didn't have much affinity for the characters.
3. "Portrait of a Killer" - Patricia Cornwell. Unneccesarily bad. Her theory about the identify of Jack the Ripper. Some good evidence, but poorly and sloppily written. Lacked credibility.
2. "All He Ever Wanted" - Anita Shreve. A favourite author, but I despised the main character in this book, and was surprised and dismayed in the afterward when the author actually *defended* his behaviour. Ugh.
1. "The Little Friend" - Donna Tartt. Loved "Secret History," and was even more disappointed in this as a result. I hated it; reading it was a slog, and the ending was completely unsatisfying. Bad from start to finish.
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