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More Top Fives! :D

Well, here they are - my last "Top 5" lists (at least I think this will have answered all the questions you asked me; if I missed yours, please poke me so I can go find it and get caught up)! I had to laugh at being asked to create New Year's resolutions - hopefully these will give you some ideas about constructive ways to spend your time. ;) Bwahahahaha!

So . . . Swami says:

From chickadilly: What do you think MY five new years resolutions should be?

5. Consider some professional help for this whole "Ron Love" thing of yours. Because everyone knows it's ALL ABOUT HAGRID!!!! ;)
4. Buy a pasta machine and become addicted to fimo, so I'm not the only one around here who is!
3. Learn to knit, so Phoebers can have some lovely sweaters!
2. Run personality, credit and criminal profiles on any prospective roommates BEFORE moving in with them. ;)
1. Take a trip to a beautiful place you love - or maybe a beautiful place you've never been before. Take your camera. Remember film (you dinosaur, you). ;) Or, better yet, GET A DIGITAL CAMERA before you go! :P :P :P

And for synergy:

5. Learn to more precisely calculate the quantities of water-soluable vitamins in your diet, so you can ensure you consume JUST the right amounts, without having a lot of them go to, erm, "waste." ;)
4. Plan a visit to northern California; learn to work in polymer clay. (Note: these two things are connected) Bwahahahahaha!
3. Finish reading that Dilbert book, or send it away to someone else. (Possibly someone you don't like that much, assuming you decided not to finish it). :D
2. Find some great griffin artwork.
1. Drive up to your local "inspiration point" (with S, of course), and fool around a bit. Taking advantage of that whole "car thing." ;)

And last, but not least:

From an anonymous commenter: Top 5 major accomplishments you would like to make in this lifetime

5.Publish one of the books I've written (or one yet-to-be-written; probably a good idea to actually FINISH one of them before trying to publish). :D
4. Be completely debt-free
3. Complete a bachelor's degree
2. Visit all seven continents (I've been to three so far)
1. Raise my son to be a happy and healthy person

I LOVED this meme - loads of fun, and thanks to everyone who asked me a question! *hugs*
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