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List Your Self

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This is my "index" of lists, with links to the ones I've completed. Most of these are private, or heavily filtered. If you'd like to be added to the filter, please comment here.


List all the qualities you love about being human
List the activities you'd do if you weren't so afraid
List your Sunday "rituals"
List the compliments you receive on a regular basis
List the places you go in your mind when you want some peace and quiet
List all the things you've made or built by hand
List the ways the full moon affects your behavior
List the situations that always make you cry
List your favorite talents
List all the smells that make you scream
List all the names you've been called, endearing and not so.
List how you feel when you've been lied to
List what always makes you laugh.
List what consistently worries you each day.
List the ways you don't care to die
List any telepathic or paranormal experiences you've had
List what usually goes through your mind right before you go to sleep
List the animals that really scare you
List the heroic feats you've performed.
List all the people you wish you hadn't trusted
List all the promises you keep making to yourself
List your typical daydreams.
List what you wish whenever you see a shooting star, blow out your birthday candles, or drop a coin in a fountain.
List all the qualities in yourself you like the least.
List all the things you'd like to say to your mother.
List all the ways you tried to make your father happy
List the beauty tricks you perform to make yourself look "better."
List the memories you'd like to forget.
List the things you hear yourself say out loud day after day.
List what you like to do when you are alone.
List the things you've said that you'd like to take back.
List all the important personal numbers you've committed to memory
List all the people who love you for who you really are.
List all the reasons you should congratulate and celebrate yourself.

Daily Life

List all the things you hide when your friends come to visit.
List what's under your kitchen sink.
List what kinds of people should never drive cars.
List the components of your perfect day.
List all the things that just don't work.
List the brand names you buy and swear by.
List the things you do between turning off the alarm and walking out your front door.
List all the extravagent material goods you'd buy if you had unlimited funds.
List those products you'd eliminate to make a better world.
List the tools you can't live without.
List all the modes of transportation you've taken
List those regular daily items you wish you never had to buy again.
List the things you scream and mutter when stuck on telephone hold.
List what items of modern technology have most shaped your life.
List what's consistently in your garbage.
List all the greetings you've used to answer the your telephone.
List the best gifts you've ever been given.
List all the things you've lent that have come back broken.
List all the items in your wallet.
List the things you think you can't live without.
List the first thoughts that run through your mind the moment you get up.
List the food that's always left in your refrigerator after everything else is eaten.
List the fantastic pranks you've successfully pulled off.
List all the accidents you've been in.
List what's in your glove compartment.
List the secret objects, writing, papers, you hope no one ever uncovers.
List all the fears you have when you wake up in the morning.


List all the tips people have given you to do business better.
List the times you fell into a bad deal.
List all the contracts you've signed.
List those projects you put off time and time again.
List those risks you'd like to take but are afraid to.
List all the people you'd love to sue.
List five positions or projects you wish you were presently involved with.
List what you'd like to shout out loud to your boss or coworkers.
List the things you'd rather be doing when you' are at work.
List all the warnings you'd heard about the evils of business.
List the early jobs you had as a child, teenager, or young adult.
List all the idiotic things you've done for money.
List the checks you write every month that you are loathe to sign.
List all those hare-brained get-rich schemes that you never did anything about.
List the occupations you find despicable.
List all the people who owe you money.
List the top changes you would make at your company.
List the names of all your past bosses.
List the times you've cheated and gotten away with it.
List the dangerous things you have done for money.
List all the times you've hit the jackpot.
List the businesses you wish you presently owned.
List the ways you make it through a tough business day.
List the major projects, businesses, or ventures that are making you money right now.
List the moves you wish you could change to rewrite your business history.
Starting tomorrow you are the CEO at your place of work. List who would go or stay, and all other changes needed.
List your most valued business tips, terms, lessons and weapons.
List the ideas, projects, or jobs that are in your thoughts at the present time.


List all those events you went into with doubt that turned out suprisingly well.
List the people you'll alwas includein your will.
List the ways you have changed for the better.
List the things you must do before you die
List the places you've visited that have altered your view of the world.
List the most exhilarating experiences you've ever had.
List the transitions in your life that taught you the most.
List the attitudes and habits you've hadto give up to get through life.
List the beliefs you'd go out on a limb for.
List the rivers you've crossed.
List the major betrayals in your life.
Likst the qualities you feel make you different as an adult than a child.
List all the elements in a perfect vacation.
List the biggest turning points in your life.
List any close encounters with death.
List the ways you sabotage yourself from getting what you want.
List all the times you've gone off the beaten path.
List how you'd like to change your outer life right now.
List how you'd like to change your inner life right now.
List all the times you've fallen flat on your face.
List some of the people who have really changed your life.
List the disasters you've survived.
List all the phone calls that changed your life.
List your menu for your Last Supper.
List the major losses you've survivedin your life.
List the major changes you feel you need to make in your life right now.
List all the mentors, dead or alive, you wish you could have access to.


List how you've contributed to the welfare of the planet.
List how you try to be ecologically sound.
List how you feel connected to other people around the world.
List the patriotic gestures you've made.
List all the celebrities you'd like to sock in the face.
List all the celebrities you'd like to have sex with.
List the news you've made.
List the ways the government lies to you.
List all the magazines you subscribe to.
List all your favourite radio stations from childhood on.

List the reading material in your bathroom.
List the movies you've seen that were really worth two hours of your life.
List the cultural spots you've visited that move you so much you are speechless.
List the TV experiences that touched you most deeply.
List those restrictions, from stop signs to gravity, that you can't stand living with.
List all the times you got in trouble with the law.
List all the songs you know by heart.
List what you believe exists in outer space.
List what you dread about Christmas or Hanukkah.
List the pieces of your favourite outfit.
List the way you feel when a car alarm goes off.
List the lines you're sick of waiting in.
List the contests and awards you've won.
List the music that changed your life.
List the quotes you find yourself spouting.
List those possessions you are proudest of.
List all those pieces of the culture you would really want on your desert island.
List all the things that could happen to you when you park in an underground structure.

Men and Women

List all the people you've hurt that you'd like to unhurt.
List the strangest people you've met.
List those features that grab your attention when a man or woman walks by.
List waht you like to do after sex.
List the people you love.
List the nicest things anyone ever did for you.
List all the idiotic things you have done for love.
List the heroic things you have done for love.
List the words you love to have whispered in your ear.
List the way jealousy has ruined your life.
List the people you'd like to weed out from your life.
List the people you've told off in the last year.
List all the relationship problems you are tired of hearing about from your friends.
List what values you need in a lover, significant other, or mate.
List the boys or girls you went steady with and the sentimental items they gave you or you saved.
List the ones that got away.
List all the typical reasons you end a relationship.
List what's wrong with women.
List what's wrong with men.
List what you would change in your lover(s) right now.
List what you would say if the one who got away showed up in your room.
List the things you will not tolerate no matter what the cost.
List your surefire sexy moves and lines.
List the things you've done to get noticed.
List the traits you require in a partner for true intimacy.
List all the excuses you've used to get out of dates or appointments.
List the qualities you'd like to change in your lover or spouse.
List all the people you aren't talking to anymore.
List the reasons for getting married.
List your fears about what might happen if you really open up your heart.
List what you would do differently to make the next love connection work.
List the reasons you haven't met the man or woman of your dreams.

Greater Truths

List the real reasons you are inspired to stay alive.
List the words that touch your soul.
List the times you said yes when you wish you had said no.
List all the places you'e been that made you feel immortal, moved to tears, or omnipotent.
List the times you have consciously endangered your life.
List the things you presently find yourself praying for.
List those unanswered questions that have been plaguing you since childhood.
List your life's main regrets.
List the eiptaphs you might like on your tombstone.
List all the times you "knew" something but didn't trust your intuition.
List the things you can prove are true.
List the ways you've been affected by a higher power.
List your lucky charms.
List all the things you just don't want to think about.
List all the experiences that give you goosebumps.
List all the prayers, sayings, and chants you've been taught that make you feel better.
List what heals your aching soul.
List any miracles you've seen happen.
List all the mysterious things you've seen in the dark.
LIst all the occasions you've spotted something unidentifiable in the night sky.
List those moments in nature that remind you of your connection to the "Big Picture."
List the most important turning points in your life


List all the things you can do with your eyes closed.
List all the stuff in your medicine cabinet.
List the ways you live ecologically in your home.
List the things you do that you consider bad, wrong, or unacceptable.
List the foods you'd eat if guaranteed you wouldn't get fat.
List those body parts you'd love to change or replace
List the drugs you've tried.
List all the self-improvement techniques you've experimented with.
List the ways you treat a cold.
List what you know about the human body.
List the physical ailments you are tired of having.
List your favourite cooking ingredients.
List all the things you do to stop hiccuping.
List what you hear when you get very quiet.
List all the thoughts and activities in your day that physically drain you.
List all the habits you simply can't break.
List what you do to restore your soul.
List your recurring nightmares.
List the parts of your body that make you feel like "you."
List all the hallucinations you've had.
List common physical problems you use to get sympathy.
List the signs of aging you see in your mirror.
List all the bogus health fads you've tried or wanted to.
List all the places on your body you love being touched.
List how you beat insomnia.
List all the habits you've successfully kicked.
List the natural phenomena that really unnerve you.
List your addictions.
List all the "identifiable marks" unique to you alone.
List the rituals you do before going to bed.

Growing Up

List the names of all your pets, from childhood until today.
List all your favourite lost items.
List the sights, smells and sounds you remember from your grandparents' house.
List the toys, clothes, and other items you wish you could have saved from your childhood.
List the teachers that changed your life.
List the experiences you ad as a child that you knew were truly significant.
List the life-altering magical times you had alone.
List what was under your bed as a child.
List the best stuff your parents taught you about living life.
List the things you used to do when you got home from school.
List the foods, candy, and other treats you loved to snack on.
List the warnings and old wives' tales you were taught.
List all the details you can remember about your childhood bedroom.
List what you couldn't stand about the way you looked as a teenager
List the fads you embraced while growing up.
List all the objects you wish you had from your parents' living room.
List the things you saw or overheard that no one knew about.
List the times you did something unethical that you've never told anyone about.
List the scary creatures you saw in your room at night.
List who you wanted to be like when you grew up.
List what you feared about becoming an adult.
List those favourite things, collections, and lucky charms you treasured.
List the times you were most embarrassed.
List all the beasts, characters, and creatures you were on Halloween.
List all the rumours you started.


Suddenly you've arrived on Jupiter. List the things you can't live without.
Suddenly you've been granted lunch with God. List your grievances.
Suddenly your house is on fire. List the stuff you'd grab to save.
Suddenly you possess the power to bring back individuals from the past. List who you feel we need on earth right now.
Suddenly you can forsee the future. List what big changes will take place in the next twenty-five years.
Suddenly you can talk to animals. List the ones you want to converse with and why.
Suddenly you are invisible. List where you'd go and what you would do.
Suddenly you are as thin as you want. List what would happen now.
Suddenly you can rewrite history. List what events you would change and how.
Suddenly you can re-create your childhood. List what experiences you would make come out differently.
Suddenly you have been granted a private meeting with the President of the United States. List what truths you'd want to uncover.
Suddenly you can communicate safely with aliens. List the secrets of the universe you'd like to uncover.
Suddenly, while driving around town, a car cuts in front of you, almost causing bad accident. List all the things you'd like to do to the careless driver.
Suddenly you have five million dollars that you must give away. List the lucky recipients.
Suddenly you can eliminate individuals you feel are a problem on the planet. You will not get in trouble. List them.
Suddenly you can turn back time. List the year you would return to and all the events you would change.
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