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Book Reviews for 2006

This is the third year in a row that I've kept track of all the books I've read, and have written reviews of almost all of them. So I can keep track of all the various entries, here's an index of the books for this year, and at the bottom, are links to my 2004 and 2005 lists, as well.

1. Egyptology - Search for the Tomb of Osiris (a facsimile of the journal of Miss Emily Sands)
2. The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight, by R.L. Stine
3. Behaving Like Adults, by Anna Maxted
4. Raptor, by Paul Zindel
5. Curses, Broiled Again! by Jan Harold Brunvand
6. Howliday Inn, by James Howe
7. Bonfire of the Vanities, by Tom Wolfe
8. Curse of the Mummy's Tomb by R.L. Stine
9. A Gradual Awakening, by Stephen Levine
10. Eats, Shoots and Leaves, by Lynne Truss
11. Career Tests, by Louis Janda
12. Wishful Thinking, by the Caffeine Society and Cooperphoto
13. Daughter of Time, by Josephine Tey
14. The Horse and His Boy, by C.S. Lewis
15. The Bitch in the House, edited by Cathi Hanauer
16. The Psychologist's Book of Self-tests, by Louis Janda
17. See-Through Mummies, by John Malam
18. Attack of the Jack-o-Lanterns, by R.L. Stine
19. Fast Food Nation, by Eric Schlosser
20. The Celery Stalks at Midnight, by James Howe
21. Fantastic Mr. Fox, by Roald Dahl
22. Buddha Mom, by Jacqueline Kramer
23. All About Tarantulas, by Dale Lund
24. Dragonhenge, by Bob Eggleston and John Grant
25. Deltora Quest 1 - The Forests of Silence, by Emily Rhodda
26. Working with Your Chakras, by Ruth White
27. Mr. Posterior and the Genuis Child, by Emily Jenkins
28. Random Acts of Kindness
29. Info-Fobia, by Matthew Lesko
30. The Higher Taste, by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
31. Each Breath a Smile, by Sister Susan
32. Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui, by Karen Kingston
33. A Trail Through Leaves, by Hannah Hinchman
34. Self-Esteem Games, by Barbara Sher
35. Detox for Life, by Carol Vorderman
36. The Lake of Tears (Deltora Quest 2), by Emily Rhodda
37. Cocktails for Three, by Madeleine Wickham
38. Chakra Yoga, by Alan Finger
39. Pobby and Dingan/Specks in the Sky, by Ben Rice
40. Prince Caspian, by C.S. Lewis
41. Signspotting, by Doug Lansky
42. Voyage of the Dawn Treader, by C.S. Lewis
43. Rikki Tikki Tavi, by Rudyard Kipling
44. Walking a Sacred Path, by Lauren Artress
45. The Bathtub Yoga and Relaxation Book, by Marjorie Jaffe
46. Yoga for Elephants, by Laurent de Brunhoff
47. Q's Legacy, by Helene Hanff
48. After Life, by Rhian Ellis
49. Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak
50. Minion, by L.A. Banks
51. Baby Buddhas
52. The Haunted Mountain
53. Still Life With Crows
54. I Once Was a Monkey
55. Mickey and the Beanstalk
56. Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons
57. Dead as a Doornail
58. Grave Sight
59. Children's Book of Yoga
60. Movies in Fifteen Minutes
61. Smart Vs. Pretty
62. The Silver Chair
63. The Cricket in Times Square
64. Homeschooling for Dummies
65. A Christmas Carol
66. Harry Kitten and Tucker Mouse
67. Teach Your Own: The John Holt Book of Homeschooling
68. Robert and the Attack of the Giant Tarantula
69. Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies from Outer Space
70. There is No Prince
71. The Homeschooling Book of Answers
72. Bite
73. The Awakening (Vampire Huntress)
74. The Last Battle
75. Why Men Love Bitches
76. Christopher Lowell's Seven Layers of Design
77. Tonight on the Titanic
78. Archaeologists Dig for Clues
79. Story of the Titanic
80. First Dog
81. Mik's Mammoth
82. Best Book of Early People
83. The First Year of Homeschooling Your Child
84. James and the Giant Peach
85. When Mammoths Walked the Earth
86. A Woolly Mammoth Journey
87. Paws to Consider
88. Polar the Titanic Bear
89. Prehistoric Animals (Daniel Cohen)
90. The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar
91. I Can Be an Archaeologist
92. Encyclopedia Brown and the Treasure Hunt
93. The Ancient Egyptians (History Starts Here)
94. The Hunted (Vampire Huntress #3)
95. Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
96. Hieroglyphs A to Z
97. Definitely Dead
98. Light on Yoga
99. Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile
100. Titanic: A Survivor's Story
101 - Prehistoric LIfe
102 - Mysteries of the Past: Lost Cities
103 - Croco'nile
104 - Cry of the Benu Bird
105 - No Plot? No Problem!
106 - Ms. Frizzle's Adventures: Ancient Egypt
107 - Pig on the Titanic
108 - Fondling Your Muse
109 - Seeker of Knowledge
110 - Titanic Conspiracy: Coverups and Mysteries of the Worlds Most Famous Sea Disaster
111 - Complete Idiot's Guide to TITANIC
112 - Boy of the Painted Cave
113 - The Sumerians
114 - Mesopotamia - Iraq in Ancient Times
115 - The Dante Club
116 - Pyramid (Eye Witness)
117 - The Corrections
118 - Egyptian Myths
119 - The Three Princes: A Tale From the Middle East
120 - The Explosive Child
121 - Al Capone Does My Shirts
122 - Titanic: Destination Disaster
123 - Lost
--- - The Star Beast
124 - The Floppy Sleep Game
125 - How to Use Yoga
126 - Titanic: Women and Children First
127 - White Star: Dog on the Titanic
128 - Skara Brae

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