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Okay, so the halftime show was worth watching . . . once again, I'm regretting that I've never seen the Stones perform live (one of the few bands I care about that I've never seen on stage). And they were here not long ago, but I decided I didn't feel like bothering with it. GRRRR!

Heh - and did you see that righteous "emaciated tuckus" shakin' during "Satisfaction?" Whoo HOO! SHAKE IT MICK!!!!!!

Also . . . happiness is dancing with your kid to the Rolling Stones. C took a page from Mick's book, and was shaking his little tush like nobody's business. (The scary thing is that Mick's grown-up behind and C's seven-year-old behind appear to be approximately the same size. And C is NOT a large child). ;)

You know, they really might be the greatest rock band of all time (depending on how you want to define "greatest"). I was surprised that they didn't do a Motown tribute, though. No "Dancing in the Streets?" Ah well - still worth watching. Now I can go back to Superbowl avoidance. Although I am enjoying all mentions of Troy Polamalu, after having seen this earlier in the week. :D (Make sure to click that link, synergy - I think you'll enjoy it).
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