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The Secrets of Narnia

I was flipping through C's latest issue of "Disney Adventures" magazine, and came across this article, by Deborah Barnes. I thought these little trivia items were interesting, and I think there are at least a couple of you who'll agree with me . . .

So, you've seen "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" a dozen times? Then check out a dozen things we bet you still don't know about the blockbuster movie!

1. The word "Aslan" means "lion" in Turkish

2. When Susan turns off the radio at the professor's house, the radio announcer is the voice of Douglas Gresham, the stepson of "Narnia" author C.S. Lewis.

3. Georgie Henley was blindfolded as she was brought onto the Lantern Waste set, so when it was time to film the scene, she really was seeing Narnia for the first time!

4. Surprisingly, William Moseley's toughest scene was not one when he was fighting Narnia's scary creatures. "One of my hardest moments was having to smile on-screen," Will admits. "I feel self-conscious smiling in front of any kind of camera."

5. In real life, Anna Popplewell is terrified of mice. So, during the Stone Table scene, it took her some extra effort to film with real mice on the set.

6. Before making the movie, William had very little experience with horses. But he's a quick learner, and by the end of filming, Will was a really good horseback rider.

7. Skandar Keynes doesn't like being hugged, and his co-stars took advantage of that. "They would always group hug/bundle/attempt to murder me while shouting 'SKANDIE!'" he says.

8. It was summer when the crew was filming in New Zealand, but it snowed on the last day of shooting.

9. In the final Narnia scene, Georgie's real-life sister Rachael plays Lucy when she's 15 years older. During the shooting, the crew hid Rachael underneath the wardrobe cover to surprise Georgie when she pulled off the cover.

10. Skandar ate 19 pieces of Turkish Delight (a sweet confection covered with powdered sugar) while filming the White Witch sleigh scene.

11. Skandar grew five-and-a-half inches between his first audition and the end of filming.

12. It was a wet day for Anna when filming the frozen river crossing. "The set was built on hydraulics . . . the icebergs moved and tipped realistically," she says, "Equally realistically, water would spurt up from between the icebergs as we moved across them. I got drenched. I couldn't stop laughing!'

Also, I think this could be delightful! I like Dakota Fanning, and it's one of the best books EVER. :)
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