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This is TOO FUNNY!

Gacked from morgan_d

The darkness was all around as Severus Snape walked through The Forbidden Forest down towards the Shrieking Shack, random thoughts of a blowjob crossing his mind.

He had been shocked earlier when Rhianna MacFusty had told him she often dreamed about Cornelius Fudge involved in anal sex with a Hebridean Black Dragon , but each to their own, she didn't know about his fantasies involving Remus Lupin .

One day he would discuss his feelings with Minerva McGonagall, but not yet, he still hardly believed how aroused he could be by just thinking of Remus Lupin masturbating himself with a bull whip.

The night air was fresh and he sat down in a quiet location and began to stroke the feather duster he was carrying with him. Would Remus Lupin's kneecap feel like that to his fingers?

What would Remus Lupin think of him if he knew how his cock grew hard as he thought of eating strawberries off Remus Lupin's beautiful penis?

Severus Snape rubbed the feather duster against his kneecap whispering Remus Lupin's name to himself. He knew he should stop and wait until he got back to the Shrieking Shack but desire overtook him and he came, screaming Remus Lupin's name into the night.

Meanwhile, Remus Lupin had not been able to sleep and had decided to go out in the night air. The Forbidden Forest was such a beautiful place at this time of the night. He took a bite of the strawberries he was carrying and leisurely scratched his kneecap.

He jumped in alarm as he heard a voice in the distance. Was that Severus Snape calling his name. He must be in trouble to shout for him with such desperation. He dropped his strawberries and ran towards the sound of his love's voice.

Remus Lupin stumbled through the darkness towards Severus Snape. Panicked thoughts ran through his head. Was his love being attacked by a Hebridean Black Dragon? Was he about to be raped by Lucius Malfoy dressed as Cornelius Fudge? His heart beat faster and he felt the pulse throbbing in his fingers.

Severus Snape, Severus Snape, my love, screamed Remus Lupin. It's alright, I'm coming, I'll save you! Severus Snape leaped to his feet in panic, dropping the feather duster and trying to untangle his trousers from around his ankles. He fell over, his bare penis pointing in the air.

Remus Lupin! Severus Snape gasped embarrassedly. What are you doing here? Minerva McGonagall said you were in the Shrieking Shack engaged in a blowjob with Rhianna MacFusty.

No, I was alone in the Shrieking Shack with nothing but my bull whip for company. I couldn't sleep for thinking how beautiful your penis was, and how I would like to stroke my kneecap against it, and have you kiss my fingers, and now I see your penis for myself I realise that not even Cornelius Fudge has a penis to compare with yours.

Oh, love, Minerva McGonagall said you felt that way but I never believed him, I thought you loved Rhianna MacFusty.

What! That old Hebridean Black Dragon, I'd rather get involved in anal sex with Lucius Malfoy, a feather duster and strawberries than dream of a blowjob from her, Ooh, the very thought makes my fingers curl.

Oh, Severus Snape!

Oh, Remus Lupin, my love!

Cue soft music, sounds of blowjobs and anal sex, soft focus and fade.........

LOL LOL LOL! Rhianna's a "Hebridean Black Dragon?" Fitting, eh. So much for Mary Sue MacFusty, huh, gail_b? Oh - and if you want to make your own, go here:


Oh, and the movie that's on the television right now is SO inappropriate considering the content of this message. Mary Sue Poppins? GAH! EEEVIIILL!
Tags: harry potter, memes, silliness

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