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DailyOm: Crown Lotus

Crown Lotus
The Seventh Chakra

In ancient Vedic texts, it is the crown chakra that reaches its tendrils toward the infinite cosmos to help us become integrated with the greater field of consciousness that exists everywhere. This chakra, located at the crown of the head, is the energy vortex through which all thought, consciousness, and wisdom originate. Also known as the seventh chakra, the crown chakra is associated with the mind. All wisdom must pass through the crown chakra before it can be used to manifest blessings through the lower chakras. In Sanskrit, the crown chakra is called "Sahasrara," which means thousand-fold because it is represented by a lotus blossom with 1,000 petals. It is through this chakra's many petals that we receive inspiration, transcendent thoughts, and experience feelings of synchronicity and interconnectedness with the universe.

The crown chakra can be visualized as a lotus flower that is an intense violet or gold in color. The crown chakra is associated with the diamond and amethyst gemstones. A weakness or imbalance in the crown chakra can lead to an undefined sense of frustration, migraine headaches, feelings of abandonment, difficulty making decisions, and a deep lack of joy. However, a balanced seventh chakra is the key to unlocking the secrets of the mind, experiencing unconditional trust in the self and the universe, and living in the present moment. This chakra is also a wonderfully potent source of protection. It allows us to access only the information that we are physically and emotionally capable of receiving at the time. When the crown chakra is entirely unblocked, no thought or feeling is unavailable to us.

To cleanse the seventh chakra, light myrrh incense and meditate while firmly grasping an amethyst in your hand. If you wish to open your crown chakra, visualize a beautiful lotus flower slowly blossoming. There are no limits to the wisdom the seventh chakra can bring into your life. By nurturing it and ensuring that your crown chakra stays balanced, your mind can open to the vast consciousness of the universe.
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