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Matrix Revolutions

Went and saw "Matrix Revolutions" today

Left the cinema feeling drained and sort of lost. Not a happy ending, as far as I was concerned. Of course, I entered the cinema feeling drained and sort of lost after recent events in HPFGU land ::grin:: so that might have been part of the problem. ;-)

Okay. Someone here (Don't remember whom) said you hope Harry does a Neo. I'm wondering in what respect? As in having the power to overcome Voldemort by the force of will, or whatever spiritual force Neo used to destroy Smith? Or do you mean something else?

Anyhow, it was worth the money, and I'm glad I went to see it. It did have some "make you want to cheer" moments - like when they got the gate open and Niobe got the Hammer in. (Oh - and Niobe really ROCKS, too. Loved her flying). Had a happy moment when Z (that's her name, right? Or at least what they call her) and Link were reunited. I knew that as long as he kept that necklace she'd given him, he'd be all right. ::grin:: And when Trinity came out of the train onto the platform . . . cool. ::grin::

The gratuitous fight scenes were not nearly as bad (read: long and stupid) in this movie as in Reloaded. (Thankfully). Although still long enough for me to time a bathroom break . . . I figured that if I left at the beginning of a fight, I'd be back before it was finished. And I was right - so, I missed the fight between Neo and the guy Smith had taken over on the one spaceship - will someone fill me in on how Neo was blinded?

Okay - the depressing part? Trinity. No fucking way. I was SO pissed that she died. And found her death scene to be just a bit too . . . pretty. She was laying there impaled by these things, and she had all the time she needed to say a WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF about how much she loved him. And no blood pouring out of her mouth or anything. Yay, wonderful . . . "kiss me" and then die. Of course, my real problem with all this is that I WANTED HER TO LIVE! And, I wanted Neo to live. Although it sounds like he does live - at least the Oracle says they'll see him again eventually. But that sucks. Trinity's dead. WTF? I hated that. I'm really just a sappy old romantic, I guess. In any case, it really made the ending horrible for me. I guess I was almost hoping that Neo did die, just so he wouldn't have to live without Trinity.

And I'd even been thinking . . . next year, if I cut my hair, I could pull off Trinity for Halloween. I'd look damned good in that vinyl (or whatever) trench coat thingy. Oh yeah. I'd be looking hot. But not now. She died! Argh, who wants to be Trinity for Halloween now? (Plus, I wouldn't really cut my hair, I hate having it short). So oh well.

Okay - and the other thing that bugs me . . . the peace. Okay. What about the fact that most of humankind is still floating around in jello, hooked up to the Matrix? WTF? I think that's what that comment at the very end was supposed to address. . . about anyone who wanted to be set free would be. But how exactly are they supposed to know? So, does this mean that anyone else who manages to hack out (like Neo did originally, which is how he found Morpheus) can now be released? Erm. How about the machines just release all of humankind? Oh, yeah. Then they'd all die from having no power source. But it's still really fucking creepy thinking about all those people still jacked in, floating around for the rest of their lives. Although, I might be willing to do that, if they'd promise me a good enough program. Hogwarts - detention with the Potions Master, or something. ::grin:: Nah - I think I'd choose Nicu (unless you are gail_b, don't expect that to make any sense).

And, for anyone who thinks there's a Neo!Harry possibility, I'm hoping that you're not shipping him with anyone I care about, cause she's obviously toast. Not to mention the fact that Neo got pretty thrashed by the end, too. Call me a Pollyanna, but I really hope that Harry emerges unscathed with as many loved ones as possible intact. Neo was not given that good fortune.

BTW, still don't think Keanu is sexy, but do like the nifty robe thingy he wears. And have gained bit of respect for him. He still trashed the "Dracula" movie, but he was pretty good in the Matrix movies. Okay. Off to bed now. Very exhausted from long week of unpleasantness. Must sleep.

Oh - one more bit of silliness, gacked from polarenigma

Jolly good, wot! Anyone for tennis? That'll be ten ponies, guv. You're the epitome of everything that is english. Yey :) Hoist that Union Jack!

How British are you?

this quiz was made by alanna

See! I knew it! I belong there, darn it. Erm . . . circumlocute, you don't have any *news* for me, do you? ::grin::
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