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Prisoner of Azkaban Trailer - FINALLY!

Well, I *finally* managed to get to the cinema this week to see the trailer for PoA. I didn't want to see it the first time on the computer, so I waited, and took Connor to see "Looney Tunes," (Bad move, btw. I found it to be really lame).

So, what did I think? Did they do anything dodgy to the canon? It is pretty? And, most importantly, are Sirius and Remus SEXY enough??? My thoughts on these questions have been thoughtfully placed behind a cut (although I suspect this is unnecessary from a spoiler perspective, for I'm likely the last here to have seen it, other than gail_b, who has already heard my opinions anyway. However, the cut is still useful for another reason - this turned into a wee bit of a rant, so anyone . . . anyone who liked the way the trailer looked, and thinks this is going to be a movie worthy of the masterpiece that is JK Rowling's Prisoner of Azkaban, well . . . you might want to skip this. Potty words ahead. ::grin::

So, what did I think of the PoA trailer?

Well, first things first . . . I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that there are going to be some discrepancies with the canon. (Gee! Ya think?) ::grin::

Well, I'm sure there is SOMETHING in there based on the books, but I can't believe how many scenes I though, "Huh? They weren't outside for that," or just plain "Huh?" or "Since when did Hogwarts get a choir?" (And Aunt Marge flying away. GAH!)

So, I think I'm going to have to once again use my strategy for CoS - plan on being competely pissed off the first time through - gritting my teeth at all the errors, shrieking in horror at the innacuracies, and moaning in agony over the utter desecration of my beloved favourite of the Potter books. Gah. Then I'll go see it again, and I'll be able to enjoy it a bit, not feeling the utter shock at all the fuck-ups, and just be able to appreciate the parts that are pretty.

Oh - and one more thing . . . The Choir? WTF? "Something Wicked This Way Comes?" GAH! I *hate* the choir! That entire thing makes me want to throw up. Projectile. All over Kloves and Cuaron. I say again . . . WTF? I know some of you have said you liked it. But I really was disturbed by the whole "Something Wicked" singing thing. It reminds me of that movie from the 70s (you know which one, bekkio), and just comes across as horribly twee. And icky. At the same time, which is very strange. Urgh. And the toads are really awful, too.

I mean, I can live with the pink hoodie. I don't think Canon!Hermione ever EVER wears a pink hoodie in canon or even during her summers with her Muggle family, but I like hoodies and I like pink,so, okay. I'll deal. And I defnitely do believe that Hogwarts should have a choir. Education in the arts is SORELY lacking in that curriculum. But not a choir with big toads, and singing "Double Double, Toil and Trouble." GAH. I appreciate Shakespeare as much as the next guy, but this just looked awful. Who knows, maybe in the film it will be lovely. Or, if we're lucky, they'll come to their senses and cut it all out. I mean, honestly - you realise that they'll have cut out pieces of canon to make room for the time it takes this choir to sing at us. I would rather have the canon. I bet they cut scenes that would have had SNAPE in them to give us this choir Okay. That feels better.

Okay - having said that, there's the small issue of Eye Candy with which I shall deal next . . . .By all appearances, there is some eye candy to be had. But not NEARLY as much as we SHOULD have had. Snape looks utterly delicious (as usual, except for that first scene he's in in CoS). Hopefully we'll get a lot of him in this film. And Hogsmeade looks really pretty - much better than I'd pictured it in my head. But Sirius? GAH! No. He should be Dead Sexy, and I just don't think he is. Remus? GAH! No - he should be really really Dead Sexy, and there is no WAY Thewlis is going to pull off really really Dead Sexy.

And does Lucius appear anywhere in the PoA book? I don't think so. GAH! Well, that's one canon change I'd support - sticking a few scenes with Lucius in this film. I would love to have someone to drool over other than just Snape. Although Snape does look yummy, so maybe it will be enough.

If only they'd listened to me and cast Viggo as Sirius, and Colin Firth as Remus. THAT would be real eye candy. But, as it stands now, I'm afraid we're not going to be drooling nearly as much as we *should* have been had they cast this film better. Well, maybe better isn't fair. I'm sure Thewlis and Oldman will do admirable jobs with the acting - they're both fine actors. They just don't meet my expecations of the way I wanted Sirius and Lupin to look. Especially Lupin. :-(

Okay. That's my rant on the trailer. Will I go see the movie? Oh yes. And I'm ashamed to say that I'll very like do whatever it takes to see it the day it opens. If it means prostituting myself in some way to get the tickets. Sad, isn't it? ::grin::
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