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Muggles in the Wizarding World

öPosted this a while back on HPFGU, and thought I'd post it here, as well, just to see what all of you might have to say. A while back, I was pondering some things about the Wizarding World, and came up with some questions. Most of these questions came up as a result of an RP thingy that I've been doing with gail_b, and I don't think these are actually answerable conclusively with what we have so far in the canon, but I would love to hear what others think seems likely about them.

Mostly, I'm wondering about Muggles interacting with the Wizarding World. We know that they can get into Diagon Alley somehow (Hermione's parents are there in CoS), but *how*? Could they have gotten through the entrance without Hermione and her wand?

I'm also curious about transporation. Obviously, Muggles can't apparate. It appears that not even all wizards can apparate. But what about Floo Powder? Is it the powder that holds the magic (in which case a Muggle should be able to use it), or does the hand that throws the powder need to have magic, as well (in which case,
Muggles would just get very warm and not go anywhere if they tried to travel by Floo)? Same question for Portkeys - it is the Portkey that is magical, or it is the combination of Portkey and magical person that matters? I tend to think that anyone could travel by Portkey (including Muggles). I'm less certain that Floo
could be used by Muggles, though. And what about broomsticks? Is the enchantment on the broom enough to keep a Muggle afloat, or does the person riding it need magic as well, to make it work?

I'm also curious about how Muggles would fit into the Wizarding justice system (such as it is). Would the WW have jurisdiction over a Muggle who committed a crime in a magical place (Diagon Alley, for example), or against a Witch or Wizard? Could a Muggle be sent to Azkaban? Or given a Dementor's Kiss? OoP would indicate that a
Muggle could receive a kiss (in terms of the soul being sucked out), but I'm wondering if the Wizarding court would believe itself to have the authority to sentence a Muggle to that fate.

Looking forward to hearing some thoughts about these things. :-)

Oh, and while I'm here, I've got some

Thought this was cheerful. Actually, reading the description, it's scarily accurate. Damn.

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The next one is also appropriate, considering the film I've got on, now. I'd rather be in the Potterverse, though, but that wasn't one of the possible results. Oh well. As long as I can snuggle with Legolas ;-):
Lord of the Rings!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
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Finally, hey, I guess I'm okay with this, too. Neo is pretty cool. Better than Trinity. Not that I don't like Trinity - I like her very much. But . . . well, I'd better not say for the sake of anyone who's not seen it yet:
You are Neo
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