Wendy (here_be_dragons) wrote,

Specks in the Sky, by Ben Rice

Oh! I've just discovered that I can post directly to my blog from All Consuming, too, so I'm going to start posting my book reviews individually, instead of in batches, as I've done in the past. Should be much easier for me this way! :)

This story is the “flipside” of “Pobby and Dingam,” and was another quick read. I didn’t enjoy this one nearly as much, though. The story about a group of parachuters who drop unexpectedly onto the property of a woman and her two daughters was strange, and I found the ending unsatisfying (all my questions weren’t answered).

This book will soon be on its way to RedHeadRaye, as part of KatColorado’s bookring.

(Not numbering this book, as it’s technically part of #39)

Tags: bookcrossing, books

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