Wendy (here_be_dragons) wrote,

Totally worth it!

Well, I’ve never stayed outside ALL night, but I’ve definitely gone places where you could really see the sky. The first time (and best, I think), was out in the desert in southern Arizona – we had driven off the highway, out onto some dirt roads in the middle of nowhere between Phoenix and Tucson, and the sky was AMAZING - so many stars. It’s actually harder to find constellations like that, though, since there are stars, stars, stars everywhere. Totally beautiful.

The most recent time I remember doing this was about a year ago in Australia – we were on a houseboat in the middle of nowhere on the Murray River – no signs of civilization anywhere in sight. It was lovely – we could even see the Milky Way. The thing that was coolest about this, though, was seeing all the familiar constellations upside down. The first time I recognized Scorpio I was so surprised, and then I remembered, “oh YEAH, we’re in the Southern Hemisphere, aren’t we?” :)

Tags: 43 things, astronomy

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