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Labyrinth Well Underway


Today, I did a BIG chunk of work on the labyrinth for my son’s school. I decided to go with my idea about drawing with permanent markers on fabric, and last weekend, I’d sewn together the four queen-sized sheets on which I planned to create the labyrinth.

I was sort of dreading the next step – actually drawing out the labyrinth. I thought it was going to be difficult to get it to be centered properly, and get all the circuits the proper width. So, I put it off for a while, but this afternoon I decided to just lay it out and give it a try. The only space I had big enough was my driveway, so I parked my car on the street and laid out the cloth. Then, I just eyeballed it, marking the seed pattern (with CD cases – they were handy), and then drew out the labyrinth in chalk, to make sure I was “in the ballpark” in terms of the shape and positioning. Well, it looked pretty darned good, so I then drew it again in waterbased marker (which would hopefully still wash out if I decided I needed to make some changes). This time, I measured the paths out to make sure they were all of equal width. Whoa. It was really starting to look like a labyrinth.

Next, I got to work with the permanent black markers, and traced over the water marker line. This stage did take a while, but my son kept my company outside (he set up a nice picnic for us on the lawn), and it was nice to be outdoors in the sunshine. The picture show the labyrinth after this first permanent marker line was completed. (Oh, and we walked it at each of these stages, as soon as I’d had the chalk outline in place).

Next, I brought it inside and drew out a second line in permanent black marker, two inches from the first line I’d drawn. This created a “channel” that will be coloured in various random other colours – I thought it would be pretty this way. We did a bit of colouring-in this evening, and so far it looks REALLY good. So, I’m very pleased with the way this is turning out so far, and all the “tricky” stuff is behind me – from now on, it’s just a matter of colouring in that channel. I will probably have the kids in C’s class help with that during our next art session. Although part of me cringes at the thought of some of those kids coming anywhere NEAR it with permanent markers. :D So, we’ll see. I’ll come up with some way for everyone to have taken part in some way.

Click on the photo to see it larger.
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