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Okay. I am NOT a happy bunny. I just saw something on a friend's journal which REALLY makes me angry. You know, it's bad enough when I have to share my boyfriend with another woman (even if she is someone I love dearly) . . . but this time he's gone TOO FAR!!!! I have no idea about the identity of the slut in this photo, but she's NOT on the Happy List . . .

(This surreal and bizarre - yet strangely appealing - moment was brought to you courtesy of thepolliwog). In other words, blame HER, not me. Oh, and my sister gets a big share of the blame for this, too, in a very convoluted way.



ETA: STILL LAUGHING! Polli, I just clicked on this again to make sure it was working, and the sight of it sent me into near hysterics ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!!

(Um, now that I think about it, was it such a good idea to post this? I mean, that's a nice package there . . . you don't think that other women will see this and get ideas about our man, do you)? *starts looking suspiciously at people on f-list*
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