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#42 - Voyage of the Dawn Treader

by C. S. Lewis

This was a very good book – not my favourite of the Narnia books so far, but really enjoyable. Two of the Pevensie kids (and a cousin on his first visit to Narnia) travel with Prince Caspian on a series of wonderful adventures.

There is something that occurred to me while reading this book about censorship and all the kerfuffles we hear about with people wanting to ban certain books. Lately, the Harry Potter books have been under attack by certain relgious types because of the use of magic. There are people who want Harry Potter pulled and replaced with “wholesome” (read: Christian-based) books like the Chronicles of Narnia. Well, reading “Dawn Treader” makes me wonder if any of these Narnia advocates have ever actually read these books. Because, I hate to break this news to them, but there IS magic in the Narnia books. And in this book in particular, our darling Lucy actually CASTS magic spells. So how is this more wholesome than Harry Potter? (That’s rhetorical, btw). Suggesting that any of these books should be banned from school libraries is silly, as far as I’m concerned. But really folks, if you’re going to complain about “inappropriate” content, at least be consistent.

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