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Over the Hedge

by Tim Johnson

Today, my son and I finally went to see this film, and it was pretty good. Not sure I’ll want to see it again anytime soon, but it did have some great moments. I laughed out loud – laughed HARD out loud – several times, although I also found parts of the film a bit dull. The portrait of suburban life was hilarious, though (although a bit too close for comfort to the community in which I live. :D :D :D The homeowner’s lady was SCARY, and I’m sure there are people like that living around here). Also . . . the huge SUV which usually fits just one person? And the woman who said, “Of course I can talk – I’m just driving” – TOO F-ING FUNNY! And there were a couple of grown-up jokes that were great, too (“Rosebud,” and “STELLA”). I do appreciate when they put those things in for us old folks. :D

So, there were definitely some funny moments, and my son insisted on staying until the very end to see if there was a “surprise” final scene (and there was, and it was cute enough to warrant staying).

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