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Grace Cathedral

I’ve just finished reading the first book by the woman who is responsible for the labyrinths at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, and while I’ve visited the cathedral before, I’ve never had the opportunity to walk any of the labyrinths (I think there are two, or maybe three, on site). It’s something I’d like to do – there is a labyrinth here in my neighborhood to which I have access, but I think it would be nice to make a small “pilgrimage” to the cathedral for the purpose of walking there. One of the things I got from the book was the concept of “pilgrim” rather than “tourist,” and in reading I realized that I have more often than not approached my travels as the former, rather than the latter. Oh, that’s actually something I intended to discuss in my review of the book, and forgot. Ah well. Maybe I’ll make a separate entry about it one of these days. In any case, I’d like to walk one of these specific labyrinths both for myself, and as a way of saying “Thank you” to Dr. Artress and all the work she’s done to promote labyrinths in our modern society.

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