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Help Save Sesame Street!

I've just learned that House Republicans have voted to slash funding for National Public Radio and the Public Broadcasting Service; they would lose one-quarter of their funding right away, with funding to be eliminated entirely in two years. I've watched public television throughout my entire life, and can't believe that anyone could be short-sighted enough to want to cut funding for the EXCELLENT programming and resources it provides. I do understand that PBS is a "liberal" voice in the media, but the educational and entertainment programming provided by public television (and radio) stations goes WAY beyond any sort of party politics.

If you agree that public broadcasting is worth saving (and I very much hope you do), please go here and sign this petition, urging Congress to oppose these funding cuts:


If you're interested in the personal message I sent,

Public television stations have been producing and airing quality, educational programming for people of all ages for decades, and it would be a travesty for this to end because of a short-sighted decision to cut government funding. I myself grew up watching Sesame Street, and over the years me and my family have been entertained, educated and enlightened by things we have seen on our public television station.
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