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#51 - Baby Buddhas

by Lisa Desmond

This is a book about teaching children to meditate, and I think the author has some great ideas. I got it for two reasons: first, for meditations to teach to my seven-year-old son; and second, for techniques I might be able to use with his classroom, as part of the yoga classes I was teaching last semester. I have seen the calming effect that meditation can have on the children when they’re really able to tap into that place of calm in themselves, and I’m interested in doing more of that with all the children in my life, especially my son.

The author starts with a basic format (breathing in love, and breathing out madness, sadness and badness) which she then adapts for several different meditations – there are meditations for sending love to others, for receiving blessings for oneself, for offering gratitude, even for world peace. She gives instructions for both sitting and walking meditations. I like her basic ideas, but I haven’t yet sat down and tried them with my son. I think he’ll enjoy the format and simplicity of the meditations. I’m not sure I love all of the wording she uses, but it will be easy enough to adapt it so I say things that resonate more with me (and, in the case of offering this to a class at school, will be more appropriate for a group where I don’t want to be teaching anything that could be interpreted as “religious.” I don’t think that her suggestions are overtly religious, but there are a few words here and there that I think I’d prefer to change). Overall, a good book, one I think will prove useful. 8/10

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