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#57 - Dead as a Doornail

by Charlaine Harris

I adore this series, and this one certainly lived up to the faith I have in Harris to tell a good story, and make me really care what happens to the characters. The Southern Vampire novels are perhaps my favourite vampire books ever (and that is saying something; I’ve read a reasonable number of vampire novels over the years).

In Harris’ world, vampires have come out of the closet, and are now openly part of society – something which makes for interesting times. Our heroine isn’t a vampire herself; Sookie Stackhouse is a human barmaid in a small town in Louisiana, but she does have one ability which sets her apart from her neighbors – she can read the thoughts of other people. This ability – plus the fact that she dated a vampire for a while – has put her smack in the middle of a lot of situations in the supernatural world, and I’m always interested to read what’s going to happen to her next. In this book, someone is targetting shapeshifters, and Sookie has some close personal reasons for wanting the killer caught as soon as possible.

I think what I love best about these books is Sookie herself. She’s a fantastic character – funny, real, and in the middle of everything, without being a Mary Sue. This is such a great series, and there is still one more published that I haven’t yet read – I’ve got it on hold from the library, but I’m number 35 on the waitlist – and I don’t know if I can hold out that long! I might just have to go and buy it. 9/10

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