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#60 - Movies in Fifteen Minutes

This. Is. The. Funniest. Book.


Seriously. This book is so hysterically funny I can hardly begin to describe the funniness. I could go through and pull out a few great moments, but there are SO MANY, it’s impossible to choose. The author has taken several blockbuster films and parodied the heck out of them to great effect, exploting dodgy dialogue and exposing almost every gaping plot hole in all the films (although she missed what I think is a big one in the LotR trilogy, but I’m willing to be forgiving). She’s especially good at pointing out where the film strayed from the original book (where applicable).

I’ll admit I was nervous when I opened the book to find one of my all-time favourite films (“Jurassic Park”) on the chopping block, but she did a great job with it – yeah, she’s making hella fun of everything, but in such a light-hearted way it never seems mean, and I think even the truest of fans will find these funny, not offensive.

I laughed out loud – seriously laughed hard and out loud – more times than I can count. Like I said, too many great moments to try and give a sampling, but what the heck, I’ll give my personal favourite for inspired use of language, from “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone:”

DUMBLEDORE: We have to leave the baby with his only remaining blood relative – his aunt – in order for him to be safe.

McGONAGALL: But Albus – I’ve been watching them, and these people are total asshats!

DUMBLEDORE: Yes, but it’s really the best thing for the boy – subjection to asshaberdashery builds character, you’ll see.

*falls over ded* I’m sorry, but I can’t think of a funnier word in all of history than “asshaberdashery.”

So, the good news is that this book is hilarious. The bad news (for some, anyway), is that I’m not sure it’s available from a U.S. seller/distributer yet. But, I bought my copy from Amazon.co.uk, and it was worth the cost to have it shipped across the pond. So, if you’re looking for something that will make you laugh your ass off, I’d recommend this book.

And if you’d like a preview, the author has a LiveJournal, and she’s posted other parodies there for public consumption. Her LJ username is cleolinda, but I believe the movie parodies are located at m15m.

Go and have a good laugh.

Okay, so now that the "official" part of the review is out of the way, I can get to the REALLY important stuff - to say THANK YOU to edda for turning me onto this book - which is especially special since SHE IS MENTIONED IN THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS! And it was so very, very cool to see her name there! So, YAY for Edda!

Also, it just so happened that I'd seen all but one of the films that are parodied in this book . . . and wow, but that sure sounds like a great excuse to post a poll, doesn't it? So, see if you can guess which of these films I haven't seen:

Poll #765165 Movies in Fifteen Minutes

Which of these films, featured in the book "Movies in Fifteen Minutes" has Wendy NOT seen?

Jurassic Park
Independence Day
The Matrix
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Attack of the Clones
Lord of the Rings

Good luck! And go get this book. You'll be glad you did. There are SO many people on my f-list who will be in hysterics over this thing, I promise! 10/10
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