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Poll Results - and Another One!

I'm assuming that by now, anyone who wants to vote in my film poll has done so, so I thought I'd announce the results:

Congratulations to: thepolliwog, one4worldpeace, syrinxkat, robingrace, triplethreat310 and majkazmaj for guessing correctly! Of the films in that list, I have NOT seen "Attack of the Clones." (Although a few of you had very good reasoning behind choosing other films - there are definitely some on that list which aren't the usual sorts of movies that I watch). But no, so far I have avoided seeing any of the "first" three Star Wars movies in its entirety (although I've seen parts of some of them, but judging by the M15M parody I read in the book, "Clones" is the one of which I've seen NOTHING). Somehow I just never managed to get excited enough about them to sit through the whole trilogy!

I was secretly disappointed in some of my Harry Potter friends, though - I really expected a couple of people to guess that I hadn't seen "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - since that was the U.K. version, not the American one. But, as it turns out, I've seen both. So, um, maybe I shouldn't be disappointed in them for not guessing incorrectly? It just seemed like a perfect "trick question" set-up, though.

And, since everyone loves a poll (right?), here's another one, as requested by kvratties:

I read a book yesterday, whose premise was based on the "fact" that sisters are categorized by their families in one of two ways: as "smart" or "pretty." This might sound overly-stereotypical, except that in my experience, there's more than a grain of truth there. Certainly in my family, my sister and I were categorized. I was the "smart" one (not really fair, since I am nearly four years older than she is; of COURSE I could converse on a higher level than she could, at any given time); she was the "cute" one (not really fair, since she is nearly four years younger than I am, so of COURSE she was cuter than I was at any given time).

So . . . let's find out whether or not there's something to this.

Poll #767182 Smart Vs. Pretty

Are you Male or Female?

Female - proceed to Question #2
Male - skip to Question #4

Ladies: Do you have a sister?

Yes - proceed to Question #3
No - skip down to Question #6

Sisters - Were you the Smart One, or the Pretty One?

We were categorized in some other way, which I'll share in a comment
There really wasn't a dynamic like this in my home

Men: Do you have more than one sister?

Yes - Proceed to Question #5
No - Skip to Question #6

Men with Sisters: Was one of your sisters the Smart One, and another considered the Pretty One?

They were categorized in some other way, which I'll explain in a comment
No - there was no such dynamic in my family

For those of you without Sisters: Even though you have no direct experience, you get to have an opinion too! Have you ever seen evidence of this dynamic happening in families you've known?

Yes! Definitely.
Yes, things like this happen, but I've usually seen children categorized in other ways, which I'll share as a comment.
No, I've never noticed this.
No, and I think it's something you made up to try and get people to vote in your poll!
I'm not from here; on my home planet, it's done in an entirely different way (and I'll explain in a comment)

Should I have included boys in this quiz? In other words, are brothers categorized in some similar way, too?

Yes! I'll explain in a comment
Yes! And I've seen brothers vs. sisters categorized too - and will explain in a comment
No, I've never seen this with boys
No. Even if it happens with boys, they shouldn't be included, since they get all the attention already!

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