Wendy (here_be_dragons) wrote,

iTunes Reorganized!

Actually, I did most of this work a couple of months ago, but there were a few stragglers that I hadn’t put into my music library yet. So, I did that this morning, and then synched my iPod so it’s all lovely and happy and full.

Even before that, though, I’ve been using my iPod more – I got myself a very nifty gadget which has made a WORLD of difference. It’s an FM transmitter that plugs into the cigarette lighter, and it works SO much better than the iTrip I was using before – no static at all. Hopefully, it will continue to work well. :D So, I’ve been bopping along to my favourite songs in the car again, and it feels really good. And using the iPod to play music while I’m doing yoga upstairs.

Next, I think I will work on creating a few more playlists – right now I’ve got two that I’ve been listening to, depending on my mood, but I think it will be fun to create others.

Tags: 43 things, music

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