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by Frank Coraci

Wow. When my son asked me to take him to see this, I wasn’t particularly enthused. I expected a cheesy/funny slapstick kind of film that would hopefully have a few moments I found funny. But wow. This film is really good.

The premise is fairly standard – guy who has a really good life and happy family, but doesn’t quite see it that way, gets a wake-up call. So, nothing new there, but it was really well done. There is some absolutely hilarous laugh-out-loud comedy (and yeah, some of it is cheesy/funny slapstick), but the film packs a big emotional punch at the end, too. Really well done – good cast, good performances, and I left the cinema feeling determined not to allow myself to “fast-forward” through my life, always looking ahead to when the “good stuff” will arrive. The good stuff is here, right now. Every day. That’s worth remembering. :) 9/10

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