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One step forward, two steps back?

Today, I finally took some action on this goal – I went around my home and counted the various types of lightbulbs (even brought a couple of samples along with me), and headed to IKEA. So, I am now in posession of several energy-saving lightbulbs! (That’s the step forward).

The steps back are: IKEA only had two of the types I need; I still need to find globes and ones for the recessed lighting fixtures in the house. But this isn’t nearly as bad as the other giant step backward – my roommate suspects that we have some sort of wiring problem in the house (we tend to go through lightbulbs a lot quicker than normal). And I don’t really want to install all these (not cheap!) new bulbs, only to have them blow out very quickly. So, I think an electrician needs to be called before I can go much further with this goal! WAH.

Although . . . there is something I can do. I’ll cross-post this to my LJ, so that my friends there will hopefully get inspired to change their lightbulbs, too! (And will hopefully all have happy wiring in their homes, so they can actually do it sooner rather than later). :D

Here's some info about Million Bulb Swap Out, btw (I pledged to swap out 35 bulbs):

Check this out - I just pledged to "Make the Switch" - by changing a normal light bulb to an energy-saving compact fluorescent light. Thousands of people are pledging, too.

The next generation of bulbs are better than the old ones and last up to 15 times longer. That saves money and global warming pollution.

In fact, if every household replaced just three 60-watt incandescent light bulbs with CFLs, we would reduce as much pollution as if we took 3.5 million cars off the roads!

Make your own pledge and help out in the fight to stop global warming:

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