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I did see this film several years ago, after it came out on video, and thought it was good, but not worth all the hype (but I find that to be true with almost all films that are touted as “the greatest ever.” They almost never live up to the hype, do they)?

I decided to watch it again this week, though, since my son has become interested in the subject after we saw an exhibit with artifacts brought up from the wreck of the Titanic a couple of weeks ago. Watching it again, keeping in mind the historical facts of the tragedy, made this a really moving – and difficult – film to watch. So many lives lost, and mostly from poor judgement on the part of several people. In any case, it is well worth watching (even if the romance is a bit over-the-top for my taste). My son enjoyed it, as well, and I think it gave him a good visual idea of what it must have been like – the special effects were impressively done.

So sad, though, and not because of any trick of the filmmakers. It’s such a tragic story, and still seems so today, in spite of the fact that all those people would be dead by now, one way or another. Somehow, that doesn’t seem to matter.

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