Wendy (here_be_dragons) wrote,

#79 - Story of the Titanic

by Steve Noon

My son and I finished this book this morning; it took us about an hour to read through the whole thing. It is a beautifully-illustrated book for children about the Titanic. It tells the overall story of the sinking, and also follows several passengers from start to finish (all real people; some of them survived while others didn’t). All that was fine, but nothing that can’t be found in numerous other books. What makes this one special are the illustrations. It’s a large-format hardcover book, so the illustrations of the ship are large (two-page spreads) and very detailed, with cutaways to show interior sections of the ship. This book gives the best visual representation of the ship that I’ve seen yet. A lovely book. 10/10.

Tags: books, titanic

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