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A few weeks ago, my son and I visited the original Queen Mary, in Long Beach, CA. Since then, we’ve been a bit obsessed with ocean liners, and the “Titanic” (we saw an exhibit of artifacts while we were at the QM), and it’s been pretty much big ships all the time around here since then.

Well, when my son found out there’s a new Queen Mary, of course he wants to go for a cruise on her. And I went to the website this afternoon and discovered that, while it’s not cheap, it’s also not prohibitively expensive, if we decide we really want to do this and plan ahead. So, that’s what I’m going to do. I want to take my son on this cruise.

She has a number of different routes that she sails, including one on the Mediterranean, and another in the Caribbean, and a few others, but I think the one I’d want to do is the transatlantic. For tradition’s sake. Plus, then we’d either start or finish near London, and I’ve been jonesing to go back to London for a while now. And yeah, it IS a bit weird to decide to do this while studying the Titanic, but whatever. :D

Ha ha - I almost used my "Life of Pi" icon - they're traveling on the ocean, after all. But, um, shipwreck? No, thanks. I'll use this icon instead. :D
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