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Books 80 - 89

In the home stretch now . . .

80. First Dog
81. Mik’s Mammoth
82. Best Book of Early People
83. The First Year of Homeschooling Your Child
84. James and the Giant Peach
85. When Mammoths Walked the Earth
86. A Woolly Mammoth Journey
87. Paws to Consider
88. Polar, the Titanic Bear
89. Prehistoric Animals (Daniel Cohen)

Note to folks on LJ: I am still writing reviews for every book that I read, but I haven’t been posting all of them to my journal unless I think they might be of particular interest to others. If you’re interested in seeing all my reviews, they’re over at All Consuming, and links to individual reviews can be found here: http://here-be-dragons.livejournal.com/260530.html


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